Leaf Blower Type Used with Air Jet Shovel

Interested in hearing what type of leaf blower (make, model and cfm) you are using with the Air Jet Shovel.  I have found out that cfm flow is important and that blowers with cfm over about 400 cfm increases the power of the Air Jet Shovel.  Great to hear your experiences with high cfm leaf blowers.

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  1. Leaf Blower Type Used with Air Jet Shovel | Air Jet Shovel

    • admin says:

      What makes the Air Jet Shovel work best is a leaf blower with at least about 400 cfm flow capacity. Typically these leaf blowers have a round outlet tube. Lower capacity leaf blowers have to use a non round shape to try to get a higher exit velocity. What counts for best Air Jet Shovel performance is a leaf blower that can produce a lots of air flow. You will notice that higher flow capacity blowers right up to backpack blowers have large round blower outlet tubes.

  2. John says:

    The Troy-Bilt Jet Blower has a 650 cfm air flow but only 130 mph air speed compared to the Toro Ultra which has 235 mph air speed but only 390 cfm

    So in this case the Toro would be a better blower?

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